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Sharing is caring, even when it comes to hardware! Come 2013 (not soon enough), Fujitsu will roll out a new ‘Lifebook’ in which all your devices will be synced up. Sure we’ve got cloud storage and wireless syncing, but all of that just data sits idle (and duplicated) in each device. Dassa alotta wasted storage pee-poh.

What’s the BFD? The tablet counterpart hooks into the laptop and becomes the keyboard and immediately shares all data stored within it. The same sharing principle is applied to the camera and phone. Initially I wrote this off thinking ‘who’d ever want a computer without a keyboard?’ But if you think about it, you’re only ever using one device at a time— realistically you wouldn’t be simultaneously watching a YouTube video and reading an article on your laptop. And if you are, stop the overstimulation.. s’bad. Let’s all go green and not waste our hardware storage friends! 

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